Below are various resources and links available for people interested in studying and collecting American Flags.

  These are some of the best books available on American Flags and flag collecting.  They are great resources for both beginner and advanced collectors alike.

My Name Is Old Glory: A Celebration of the Star-Spangled Banner
by Martha J LaGuardia-Kotite and Trish Marx

Inspiring images and personal and historical stories about the American flag accompany the poem “My Name is Old Glory” in this gorgeous book. This poem, written by unsung U.S. Marine Howard Schnauber, is read at retirements and military ceremonies. My Name is Old Glory celebrates two-hundred years of the red, white, and blue.  This book contains several images of flags from the Rare Flags collection, including: IAS-00169, IAS-00111, IAS-00002, IAS-00190, IAS-00205, IAS-00239, IAS-00131, and IAS-00166.

A Grand Old Flag: A History of the United States Through its Flags
by Kevin Keim & Peter Keim

The Keims possess one of the finest collections of American Flags owned by one family.  This book presents examples of flags from all eras from their personal collection, and provides a wealth of knowledge about flag history, construction and collecting.

The Stars and the Stripes: The American Flag as Art and as History from the Birth of the Republic to the Present
by Boleslaw and Marie-Louise D'Otrange Mastai

The Mastai Collection, a life long pursuit of Boleslaw and Marie-Louise Mastai, is still regarded as one of the finest collections of rare American flags ever assembled.  Over 100 gem flags from the Mastai Collection sold at public auction at Sothebys in New York in October, 2002.

The Stars and Stripes: Fabric of the American Spirit
by J. Richard Pierce

Richard Pierce's collection of American Parade Flags is among the finest, if not the finest, ever assembled.  This exceptional book focuses specifically on the genre of parade flags, with particular attention given to the historical context surrounding each flag.

American Flags: Designs for a Young Nation
by Nancy Druckman and Dr. Jeffrey Kenneth Kohn

Dr. Kohn is one of the most prolific and knowledgeable collectors of American Flags.  This book provides a look at some exceptional flags of the Mastai Collection prepared for auction at Sothebys in 2002 under the direction of Dr. Kohn.

The American Flag: Two Centuries of Concord & Conflict
by Howard Michael Madaus, Whitney Smith and Wayne Fields

An excellent source of information on antique American flags found in the Ben Zaricor collection of American Flags.  An excellent companion DVD which aired on PBS can also be purchased to accompany the book.

Long May She Wave: A Graphic History of the American Flag
Kit Hinrichs, Delphine Hirasuna & Terry Heffernan

In Long May She Wave, Kit Hinrichs and his associates capture the American Flag as a design element woven into the fabric of our American life.  From toys to every day objects to flags themselves, the motif of the flag as a graphic theme is documented and explored in this large coffee table book.

100 American Flags: A Unique Collection of Old Glory Memorabilia
by Kit Hinrichs, Delphine Hirasuna & Terry Heffernan

Kit Hinrichs and his associates revisit the graphic impact of the American flag in this smaller scale version of Long May She Wave.

Stars and Stripes: Patriotic Motifs in American Folk Art
by Deborah Harding and Paul S. D'Ambrosio

Although not specifically devoted to American Flags, the patriotic folk art featured in Deborah Harding's exceptional book is both beautiful and fascinating.  This book is an excellent resource for collectors looking to extend their knowledge of exceptional patriotic Americana.

Links. Here are some excellent online resources for learning more about the American Flag, and for finding other collectors in the community.

Flag Forum  - The Flag Forum of the website USA Flag Site is a good place to go to ask questions and read through previous threads.  Topics include American Flag History, US Flag Display, Flag Identification and Collecting, and other areas frequented by people of all levels of experience.

History of the American Flag - Video  -  This excellent video from Drexel University covers the history of the American flag and explores many of the myths and lore that surround the development of our flag.

Flags of the USS Constitution - Video  -  This promotional video from Freeman's Auction House describes the famous sale of the flags of the USS Constitution in April, 2012.  It provides great historical insight and close up shots of the flags from this historic sale.

The J. Richard Pierce Collection of U.S. Parade Flags - Video  - This wonderful video, narrated by J. Richard Pierce, describes the history of the American flag and the development, in particular, of the creation and use of parade flags.  The video shows many of the fantastic flags in Mr. Pierce's collection, which is the finest collection of American Parade Flags every assembled.


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