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This rare grouping of flags were discovered in the Rhone-Alpes region of France.  All three flags are made from the same cotton materials, including a red fabric with a woven striped pattern.  American flags with stripes made of patterned materials are extremely rare, with only a few known examples from any period exhibiting this trait.  The silken thread used to sew the flags is lustrous, and the maker accented the red stripes of the American Flag and Union Jack with red ink.  The French Tricolor is slightly larger than the American Flag and Union Jack, and a stitched seam running through the white of the Tricolor is evidence that the fabric used was recycled from perhaps a dress or some home goods. The 25 stars of the American Flag are simple crosshatch in the shape of an X, and the canton of the flag sits on the red "blood stripe".  This is the only liberation flag grouping that I am aware of fashioned by the same hand and consisting of three flags representing each of the major Allies of the war.  Allied forces liberated Lyon, France, the capital of the Rhone-Alpes region, on September 3, 1944.   

It's apparent that the maker of the flags selected materials from whatever home goods they had at hand, perhaps cutting sheets, curtains or clothes to fashion the flags.  Somehow these flags, when held in your hands, have the ability to impart the historical energy of their origins.  This rare photograph, itself a treasure of the Rare Flags collection, is an actual U.S. Signal Corps photograph, dated July 7, 1944. Titled "French Betsy" by the Associated press, the photo shows a young girl, "Somewhere in Normandy" sewing an American liberation flag as women and excited children look on.


Learn more about Liberation Flags. Star Count:  25

Dates:  1944

War Era:  World War II

Statehood:  Liberation Flag

Construction:  Cotton with Embroidered Stars

Catalog Number:  IAS-00243


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